Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Keeping your Gear Cables Well Serviced, lubricated, cleaned and replaced where necessary will make all the difference in being able to adjust and index your MTB gears.  You may think that after tweaking all the available adjustment screws that you gears just aren't up to scratch.  We have found that quite often the problem can be dirt or slight corroding of the cables.  Usually this 'stickiness' in the cables cannot be noticed but on replacement with fresh cables your gears are slick and crisp changing.  Top Tip - always go for Stainless Inner Gear Cables as a few pence more spent on these will repay themselves with trouble free gear changes for much longer than standard Galvanised cable inners.

Jagwire have built a reputation for top quality MTB Bicycle gear cables including Ripcord and Hyper Bike Gear Cable Kits.  For advice or assistance on adjusting your gears or choosing replacement MTB / Bicycle Gear Cables call in to The Dogs Wheels Bicycle Shop at 56 Faraday Mill, Cattedown, Plymouth, PL4 0ST

We also stock Goodridge Gear Cable Kits as they are another company renowned for the quality of their Bike Gear Cables.

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