Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Dogs Wheels Bicycle Shop Rubber Room - Wheels & Tyres

Work in Progress! Almost completed The Dogs Wheels Rubber Room, Wheels and tyres for your Mountain Bike in 26", 27.5", 29", we also have 700c road bicycle wheels and 700c hybrid wheels in stock. Wheels from £25 to Downhill capable sealed bearing wheelsets still at competitive prices. Faraday Mill, Plymouth.

Tuesday, 8 November 2016

The Dogs Wheels Bicycle Shop has just taken delivery of HT Nano-s ANS01 Flat Platform Mountain Bike MTB Pedals.

Very durable, light and great looking downhill and freeride pedals at a good price
16mm Super Low Profile
CNC Machined Alloy Body
2 High quality sealed bearings
Size 94mm x 95mm x 17mm
Cro-Mo CNC Machined Axle
Replaceable Pins
RRP £64.99

Monday, 31 October 2016

Tubeless Mountain Bike MTB Tyre Setup

Looking to go Tubeless?


The benefits are that you can run a lower pressure which will give better grip on rough terrain
You save a little weight
It is almost unheard of to be stopped by a puncture.

The Downside:

You may need to pump up your tyre pressures more regularly and ocassionally top up the fluid.

Key points: 

IT DOES WORK!  If you cannot create a seal the chances are you are doing something wrong.
Ensure you are using the right width rim strip.
You MUST shake the fluid throughly before use.
You will need to ride the bike regualrly in the early stages, if need be around the block for the first few days to ensure a seal is created.  THIS IS VITAL.
Ensure you are using the right kit for your tyre and rim combination.  Full kit for non tubeless tyres and rims, rim strip, fluid and tubeless valves for tubeless ready.

Joes Tubeless KitJoes Tubeless Rim Strip

Sunday, 2 October 2016

Mountain Bike Disc Brake Pads, Sintered, Organic or Kevlar?

There are a number of different compounds available for Mountain Bike disc brakes which can cause confusion.  It should be noted that some manufacturers recommend only one compound in which case this should be adhered to.

Sintered Brake Pads


https://the-dogs-wheels Disc Brake Pads
Sintered pads (metallic or semi metallic) Hard wearing compound which is ideal for heavy duty use such as Enduro or Downhill  DH Mountain biking, or for wet and mucky conditions.

Hard wearing compound which is ideal for heavy duty use such as Enduro or Downhill  DH Mountain biking.

They can be noisy on the rotor which can be off putting to the rider
They are usually a little more expensive than Organic
They will wear your rotor more quickly due to the metallic content
They heat up quickly which can affect braking performance

Organic Brake Pads


https://the-dogs-wheels Disc Brake Pads
Organic (or Resin) Softer compound ideal for general use such as cross country or commuting and dryer cleaner conditions

Softer compound is usually quieter on the rotor reducing squeeling
Good braking performance
Good heat dissipation which aids performance
Usually the cheapest of the varieties available

Faster wearing under heavy use or wet and mucky conditions

Kevlar Brake Pads


https://the-dogs-wheels Disc Brake Pads
Kevlar sit somewhere between the two and can be a good general solution

Harder wearing than organic pads
Not as noisy as sintered pads can be
Relatively cheap

Not as hard wearing as sintered pads

Where to buy:

You can buy your Mountain Bike MTB, Sintered, Organic or Kevlar Brake Pads at The Dogs Wheels bike Shop in Plymouth or The Dogs Wheels Website.

Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Dangerous Repairs Hidden on Your bike?

There are many bicycles coming in to our shop for servicing where we find dangerous repairs have been carried out perhaps by previous owners or those without adequate knowledge.  We often hear 'it is only a bike'  so why spend money getting it checked out or properly serviced.  If you are amongst traffic you may be risking your life or at the least serious injury.

Many of the bikes have the same problem, an incorrectly set Star nut or washer which essentially is the critical last resort for holding your forks and wheel to your handlebars.

I am sure you can imaging the consequences of these 2 not being connected to one another.

A simple fix with our star nut setter tool to ensure straight fitting at the correct depth.

We can inspect yours free at The Dogs Wheels Bike Shop Plymouth, and to set with our alignment and depth tool we would charge £10.00.  If your star washer is in bad condition they are only 99p.

Tubeless Tyre Puncture Repair Kit

Take a look at this Genuine Innovations Tubeless Tyre repair Kit..  Designed to plug larger holes than standard tubeless tyre sealant may be able to cope with.

Simply push the strip into the hole with the fork leaving a little showing on the outside and you should be up and running again in seconds.

Available at The Dogs Wheels Bike Shop in Plymouth or on the Dogs wheels website at only £5.99, compact and easy to carry, a must for peace of mid on the trail.