Monday, 31 October 2016

Tubeless Mountain Bike MTB Tyre Setup

Looking to go Tubeless?


The benefits are that you can run a lower pressure which will give better grip on rough terrain
You save a little weight
It is almost unheard of to be stopped by a puncture.

The Downside:

You may need to pump up your tyre pressures more regularly and ocassionally top up the fluid.

Key points: 

IT DOES WORK!  If you cannot create a seal the chances are you are doing something wrong.
Ensure you are using the right width rim strip.
You MUST shake the fluid throughly before use.
You will need to ride the bike regualrly in the early stages, if need be around the block for the first few days to ensure a seal is created.  THIS IS VITAL.
Ensure you are using the right kit for your tyre and rim combination.  Full kit for non tubeless tyres and rims, rim strip, fluid and tubeless valves for tubeless ready.

Joes Tubeless KitJoes Tubeless Rim Strip

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