Wednesday, 13 December 2017

Gusset Lil' Chap Single ring Chain Retention Device / Chainguide

Easy to fit and adjust, the Lil’ Chap is a little piece of mind that your narrow wide chain ring won’t let you down and drop a chain. Simple security.


  • 6061 Alloy with glass reinforced plastic upper guide
  • ISCG 05 fitment
  • 30-38t fitment
  • Weight: 39g

Gusset Lil Chap 1 x Top Guide Mountain Bike MTB Chainguide Chain Retention Device at The Dogs Wheels Bicycle Shop Plymouth

The Dogs Wheels Bicycle Shop Wheels and Tyres Room, Plymouth

The Dogs Wheels Bike Shop is finally getting our wheels in order! Well worth taking a browse with wheels from £20 to £250 in store and ready to go. All our wheels with 10% off in store.  Around 700 tyres on the premises and around 100 wheels.  Tyres and wheels for Mountain Bikes 26", 27.5", 29" and Boost and Plus sizes.  Tyres and wheels for Road Racing bikes, Hybrid bikes and BMX Bikes here in Plymouth.

Friday, 1 December 2017

The Dogs Wheels Bicycle Shop - Halo Wheel Building

Another wheel built at The Dogs Wheels. Heavy Duty Halo Spin Doctor 36H Hub. Combined with Halo SAS 30mm Internal, 36mm external width rim with double stainless steel eyelet spoke holes. Finished off with light catching DT Swiss Stainless Steel Double butted Spokes with Brass Nipples. A nice looking piece of kit in the flesh with durability built in!
Visit The Dogs Wheels Bicycle Shop for all your Mountain Bike MTB and Road Racing Bicycle Wheel building requirements.

Wednesday, 29 November 2017

7idp M2 Enduro Style Mountain Bike MTB Helmets

The Dogs Wheels Bicycle Shop have recently received the 2018 7idp enduro style Mountain Bike MTB Helmets.  Certified to EN:1078 with Great protection and superb styling.  The Dogs Wheels offers 10% off in store on these 7idp M2 helmets with various sizes available. helmets

7idp M1 Fullface Mountain Bike MTB Helmets

The Dogs Wheels Bicycle Shop Plymouth have received some new for 2018 7idp M1 Fullface DH Downhill Mountain Bike MTB Helmets.  The M1 Tactic in Matt Black, Matt Red and Matt Orange in our bicycle shop now. and the M1 Fullface Gradient due in soon. Meets CPSC, CE:1078 certifications. helmets

Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Hope Bicycle Products at The Dogs Wheels Plymouth

The Dogs Wheels Bicycle Shop are pleased to announce we are now stocking Hope Mountain Bike MTB Products in store.  From Hope Pro 4 Wheels / Wheelsets and Hope Pro 4 Hubs, to Hope Tech 3 E4 Brakes, Hope Brake pads and Brake Lever seal repair maintenance kits.  Call in at The Dogs Wheels Bicycle Shop for all you Hope parts and accessories in Plymouth.

Monday, 9 October 2017

Fat Spanner Mountain Bike MTB Bicycle Multitools.

If you ride a bike and don't carry a multitool you could be asking for a long walk home.

A simple and releatively cheap bicycle multitool can get you out of trouble.  We would recommend the Fat Spanner Slimbo 11 or 14 bicycle multi tool which has a chain link remover so you can fix your bicycle chain on the go, carry a chain quick link with this so you can easily cut out damaged links and easily rejoin your bicycle chain.

For shorter or town rides a simple allen key multitool can suffice.

Fat spanner available at The Dogs Wheels Bicycle Shop, Plymouth or our online store. tools

Rie:sel Fork Protection Film / Decals at The Dogs Wheels bike Shop


Need to spruce up your old Mountain Bike MTB Suspension fork legs, or customise your new ones?  Take a look at the Riesel fork protective stickers / Decals.

Riesel Fork Protection Stickers / Decals in store now, colourful stickerbomb design, girl design, stealthy black stickerbomb or plain black. RRP £22.99
effective protection against scratches and abrasions
– fits suspension fork and rigid fork
– very abrasion resistant surface in glossy optic
– easy assembly thanks to self-adhesive, flexible material
– contains 2 protective films and 3 patches
– size fork protective film: 83,5 mm x 227 mm
– size patches: 12 mm x 40 mm, 15 mm x 50 mm

Sunday, 12 March 2017

Enduro and Kinetic Bicycle Bearings in Plymouth, Devon UK

The Dogs wheels bicycle Shop stock a large range of bicycle bearings in our bicycle shop in Plymouth. 

We keep Enduro ABEC 3 bicycle bearings for Wheel hubs, bottom brackets, and Enduro ABEC 3 MAX or Full complement bicycle bearings for bike suspension Pivots.

We also stock Kinetic Bicycle Headset Bearings in 1.5" and 1.1/8".

Collect your bicycle bearings at The Dogs wheels Bicycle Shop in Plymouth Devon UK, we also ship our bicycle bearings in the UK and to the rest of the world.

For further information of Bicycle Bearings see below: or click on our website. bearings

Why Choose Enduro Bearings?
Unlike others, Enduro bearings are not just ‘off the shelf’ Industrial bearings. They are tailored specifically for the demands of cycling.
Every aspect of an Enduro bearing is considered and spec’d to provide superior performance and value for each application. From the material of the races and the ball bearings, the types of seal and even the grease. Each of these has a profound effect of the performance and longevity of a bearing.
What is ABEC?
The ABEC grade of bearings is a set of standards for the manufacturing tolerances of bearings. There are five classes from largest to smallest tolerances: 1, 3, 5, 7, and 9. The higher ABEC classes provide better precision, efficiency and greater speed capabilities, but do not necessarily make the components spin faster. All quality manufacturers around the world manufacture to at least ABEC 1 standard. Enduro’s Minimum Standard is ABEC 3.
Enduro ABEC
What is the meaning of grade?
Bearing balls are manufactured to a specific grade, which defines its geometric tolerances. Grades range from 2000 to 3, where the smaller the number the higher the precision. A grade 20 ball for instance is 20/1,000,000" out of round. Enduro use Grade 10 for ABEC 3, Grade 5 for ABEC 5, and Grade 3 at Zero and XD-15 levels.
Enduro Grade
At Enduro they utilize several types of grease depending on the projected application of the bearing. They also fill both sides of the bearing for maximum lubrication, unlike industrial bearings which are only single filled.
Kyodo Yushi PS-2: This grease has a protective interface between ceramic balls and metal races and for it’s high speed properties and minimum rolling resistance. Speed and Protection for high precision bearing systems.
CRC Sta-Plex Marine: This grease will not wash out or break down under any extreme conditions including power washing, salt water intrusion from the salted roads, or even dirt getting into the rolling areas. The High Pressure properties of this grease provides a cushion for the sharp blows that suspension pivots will endure. Tough and Tenacious for high impact and extreme conditions.
Mobile HP 222: This grease is another high pressure grease for maximum protection and constant lubrication. This synthetic grease holds up under all conditions and will not break down.
2RS: Literally means the bearing has Two Rubber Seals. There are many types of seals. On most other bearings 2RS means that the seal is made from rubber and has one sealing lip rubbing on any flat part of the inner race. Enduro’s seals are usually either LLU (usually the MAX type bearings) or LLB (better for hubs).
LLU Seals: Two NBR 70 rubber seals with medium/high contact seal, which rides in a matching groove machined into the bearing to make a labyrinth type seal. The outer sealing lip repels dirt and water while the inner sealing lip retains the grease.
LLB Seals: Two NBR 70 rubber seals with low contact seal, which rides in a matching groove machined into the bearing for low drag or friction.
SRS Seals: Two NBR 70 rubber seals with an axial face seal, this seal has a large contact surface area, while running very smoothly and freely. They are easily removable with a snap ring which hold them in place, making them easy to service.
VV Seals: Two NBR 70 rubber seals with non-contact seal, which rides in a matching groove machined into the bearing for no drag or friction.
Enduro Bearing Application Chart
Enduro’s application chart will help you select the appropriate bearing for your needs to ensure maximum performance and longevity.
Enduro Application
Bearing Installation and Removal: Bearings should never be installed by pressing on the inner race. Always press on the outer race with a pilot bushing or similar tool, which will only make contact with the metal side of the outer race. A bearing press or similar should be used to exert the force needed to press the bearing into the housing. Care needs to be taken that the bearing is started straight and not at an angle to the housing.
What Size Bearing?
Bearing sizes are easily identifiable by the numbers on the seals. Some popular sizes include 6001, 6002, 6803, 6901, 6902. If the bearing seal has become damaged or the sizing is no longer visible, you can identify you bearing with 3 simple measurements.
Inner Diameter x Outer Diameter x Depth.
12mm x 28mm x 8mm (6001)
15mm x 32mm x 9mm (6002)

The Dogs wheels Bicycle Shop, Bicycle Bearings in Plymouth and bicycle bearings in the UK

Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Ragley Bikes Stems, Handlebars and Seatposts at The Dogs Wheels bicycle Shop

Ragley Stubbing Stems, Ragley Spike Seatposts and Ragley 760mm Wiser Handlebars in store at The Dogs Wheels bicycle Shop Plymouth. £44.99, £24.99 and £39.99 respectively. Give your bike a lift with these colourful parts by Ragley.

Saturday, 18 February 2017

The Dogs Wheels Bike Shop Bicycle Servicing Plymouth

Service Pricelist - The Dogs Wheels Bicycle Servicing Plymouth servicing
Note:  The Dogs Wheels use only the best Jagwire Stainless Steel or Teflon Inner gear cables and Lined Cable outers in our workshop - We will not fit a lesser quality product.

Gear system: cleaned, lubricated and adjusted. Rear Derailleur hanger checked for alignment and adjusted
Brakes: adjusted and cables lubricated.  Brakes balanced as required (disc or cable)
Frame: Inspected for damage, Tyres inspected for wear / damage
Wheels: Spokes checked for tension and wheel for True / Alignment
Bearings: Wheel and Pivot (full Suspension) bearings checked for wear / play
Headset: inspected for wear / play

As Standard Service Plus.
Wheel bearings removed and greased, replaced as required (bearings extra)
Headset Bearings removed and greased / replaced as required (bearings extra)
Wheels Trued / Tensioned as required

Replace Tube £9.99 including tube                                                 
Bottom Bracket replacement £20 + Parts
Headset Replacement £20 + Parts                                                 
Wheel Bearings £12 per wheel + Parts
Wheel True/Tension £15                                                                
Brake Bleeding £17.50 per brake
Gear Adjustment / Setup & Lube £15 (Cables extra if required)
Fork Fitting £25
Pivot Bearing Replacement £50 - Bearings extra. Note we only use MAX Full Complement Enduro ABEC3 bearings for bicycle pivots.
Re-threading / tapping bottom bracket housing £10. (usually required after powder coating / painting)
If you have any questions about our bicycle servicing in Plymouth or workshop repairs maintenance or pricing please do not hesitate to give The Dogs Wheels Bicycle Shop Plymouth a call.

Thursday, 16 February 2017

Aerozine MTB Bicycle Headsets Integrated & Semi Integrated

The dogs Wheels bicycle Shop has just taken delivery of Aerozine fully integrated Tapered 1.1/8" x 1.5" Mountain Bike MTB 42mm x 52mm bearing headsets and Aerozine semi integrated Mountain Bike Headsets for 44mm x 56mm tapered headtubes.  These are finished in a variety of colours from Red, Blue, Orange and Silver. headsets

Sunday, 29 January 2017

Renthal Fatbar, Fatbar Lite and Fatbar Carbon Handlebars

If you are looking for the ultimate Mountain Bike MTB Handlebars for Trail XC or DH Downhill then Renthal have a product for you. handlebars

Renthal Fatbar Lite is a 740mm wide handlebar with the following characteristics: 

High strength 7 series Aluminium Alloy Optimized lightweight tapered tube.
Shot peened for increased fatigue life. 
Corrosion and abrasion resistant hard anodised finish. 
Laser etched positioning grid for easy set up. 
Width marks allow personalised fit adjustment. 
Permanent graphics 
31.8mm clamp 
Rise 10, 20, 30, 40mm 

The Renthal Fatbar 31.8mm x 780mm characteristics are: 

780mm width 31.8mm clamp 
High strength 7050 T6 series Aluminium Alloy 
Shot peened for increased fatigue life. 
Corrosion and abrasion resistant hard anodised finish. 
Laser etched positioning grid for easy set up. 
Width marks allow personalised fit adjustment. 
Permanent graphics. 
Rise 10, 20, 30, 40mm 

The Renthal Fatbar 35mm x 800mm DH Downhill Bar 

High strength 7050 T6 series Aluminium Alloy
Shot peened for increased fatigue life. 
Corrosion and abrasion resistant hard anodised finish. 
Laser etched positioning grid for easy set up. 
Width marks allow personalised fit adjustment. 
Permanent graphics. 
35mm clamping diameter. 
Back Sweep 7 degrees Up Sweep 5 degrees. 
Width 800mm 
Rise: 10, 20, 30, 40mm 
Weight: 305g

Renthal Fatbar Carbon Handlebars in 740mm x 31.8mm clamp

High strength UD Carbon construction.
Optimised carbon lay-up, for ultimate control and comfort.
Positioning grid for easy set up.
Anti-slip central surface treatment.
Width marks allow personalised fit adjustment.
Permanent graphics.
Impact tested to BMX standard - EN16054. 

Renthal Fatbar Carbon 800mm x 35mm clamp

Full Downhill Capable Carbon handlebars.

Renthal Fatbar, Fatbar Lite and Carbon Handlebars are all available at The Dogs Wheels bicycle Shop, Plymouth

RSP Podium 1 x Enduro Chainguide

Check out this great value RSP Podium 1 x Chainguide.  Superb value compared to overprice 'Branded' chainguides on the market. Ensure Your Mountain Bike MTB does not drop chains on rough terrain.  Available at The Dogs Wheels Bicycle Shop, or Click the Buy Button below for a secure connection to our Website. chainguides

Thursday, 26 January 2017

Ice Toolz Floor Pump 160psi

Floor or track pumps are ideal for in the home or car for effortless and quick inflation of your Mountain Bike MTB Bicycle Tyres.  Complete with easy to read guage, check out one of our best value pumps below.  We have used this type in our bicycle workshop and found it very reliable.

Icetoolz Floor / Track Pump High Pressure
  • Steel contruction
  • Presure Gauge
  • Quick realease valve lock
  • 625mm stroke
  • 160 psi or 11.0 bar
  • Presta, Schrader and Dunlop valve compatible
  • 280cm3 air volume
  • 1100g

Friday, 6 January 2017

Largest Bicycle Tyre Choice in the South West

Over 600 Bicycle Tyres in stock at The Dogs wheels Bike Shop

The Dogs wheels Keep a huge range of bicycle tyres in store in our Wheel & Tyre Rubber Room.  Tyres in all sizes from 26", 27.5", 29", 700c, 24", 18", 16", 12".  We stock Mountain Bike MTB Tyres, Childrens Bike Tyres and road racing bicycle tyres.

Brands held are Maxxis, Schwalbe, Panaracer, Kenda, WTB, Continental and others.

If you are looking for bicycle tyres for your bike in Plymouth or the South West then look no further than the Dogs Wheels Bicycle Shop, Faraday Mill, Plymouth tyres

Nukeproof Electron EVO Flat Platform MTB Pedals

Nukeproof Electron EVO Pedals

Featured in Enduro Magazine's Design and Innovation Award

Built using a nylon-reinforced composite material, the Neutron flat pedal uses sealed cartridge bearings to help spread the load from heavy impacts, while rubber lip seals between the axle end and pedal body reduce the ingress of water and dirt
Seven replaceable alloy pins per side allow you to customise the level of grip to meet your needs.


Internalshigh quality DU bushing & 2 x sealed cartridge bearings (Per Pedal)
Body: Nylon-reinforced composite
Dimensions: 98mm (w) x 95mm x 17mm
Axle: CroMo
Weight:(per pair): 354g
Colours: Black, White, Yellow, Orange, Blue and Green
Built for:AM/XC/DH/FR
Weight: 354g per pair.

Full Range of Nukeproof Electron EVO Flat Platform Mountain Bike MTB pedals available at The Dogs 
Wheels bicycle Shop, Plymouth

Limar Helmets Arrive at The Dogs Wheels Bike Shop!

Check out the Limar helmets recently arrived at The Dogs wheels.  We stock a Range of helmets from the 848DR Enduro Style MTB helmet, the 545 Cross Country XC MTB Helmets, the 690 Relfective Helmet ideal for the commuter, the 555 Road Racing Bicycle Helmet at a very competitive price, the ultralight - the worlds lightest Bicycle helmet and the Limar Champ youth MTB Mountain bike bicycle helmet. 

Who are Limar? 

Introduced the worlds first wheel size adjustment fitting
Introduced the first in-mould helmet
Introduced the worlds first double in-mould helmet
Introduced first helmet in the colours of a pro cycle team

Italian styling with cutting edge technology