Saturday, 18 February 2017

The Dogs Wheels Bike Shop Bicycle Servicing Plymouth

Service Pricelist - The Dogs Wheels Bicycle Servicing Plymouth servicing
Note:  The Dogs Wheels use only the best Jagwire Stainless Steel or Teflon Inner gear cables and Lined Cable outers in our workshop - We will not fit a lesser quality product.

Gear system: cleaned, lubricated and adjusted. Rear Derailleur hanger checked for alignment and adjusted
Brakes: adjusted and cables lubricated.  Brakes balanced as required (disc or cable)
Frame: Inspected for damage, Tyres inspected for wear / damage
Wheels: Spokes checked for tension and wheel for True / Alignment
Bearings: Wheel and Pivot (full Suspension) bearings checked for wear / play
Headset: inspected for wear / play

As Standard Service Plus.
Wheel bearings removed and greased, replaced as required (bearings extra)
Headset Bearings removed and greased / replaced as required (bearings extra)
Wheels Trued / Tensioned as required

Replace Tube £9.99 including tube                                                 
Bottom Bracket replacement £20 + Parts
Headset Replacement £20 + Parts                                                 
Wheel Bearings £12 per wheel + Parts
Wheel True/Tension £15                                                                
Brake Bleeding £17.50 per brake
Gear Adjustment / Setup & Lube £15 (Cables extra if required)
Fork Fitting £25
Pivot Bearing Replacement £50 - Bearings extra. Note we only use MAX Full Complement Enduro ABEC3 bearings for bicycle pivots.
Re-threading / tapping bottom bracket housing £10. (usually required after powder coating / painting)
If you have any questions about our bicycle servicing in Plymouth or workshop repairs maintenance or pricing please do not hesitate to give The Dogs Wheels Bicycle Shop Plymouth a call.

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