Friday, 9 November 2018

Joe's No Flats Mountain Bike MTB Tubeless Tyre Setup Fluid & Tape

Joe's No Flats Tubeless Tyre Setup fluid and tubeless rim tape is available at The Dogs Wheels Bike Shop Plymouth.

We have bottles of Joe's No Flats Tubeless tyre fluid in 1 litre, 500ml and 125ml sizes.  We also stock Joe's Tubless rim tape in various widths to suit your wheel rim.  With a range of tubeless tyre valves including presta and schrader, in gold, red blue or silver and in a number of lengths we are sure to have your needs covered.  We are also more than happy to offer friendly advice on Mountain Bike MTB tubeless tyre setup and maintenance at The Dogs Wheels Bicycle Shop.

The Joe's No Flats Applicator / application bottle is such a useful tool allowing for easy insertion of fluid through the valve once core removed.  Used again and again in our bicycle shop.

Tuesday, 4 September 2018

Dexshell waterproof breathable Mountain Bike MTB Cycle / Cycling Socks

Dexshell ultralite waterproof breathable Mountain Bike Cycling sock have just arrived at The Dogs Wheels Bicycle Shop.  With a 3 layer bonded construction and best in class technology these Dexshell Ultralite Biking Mountain Bike MTB Cycle socks are less bulky than many existing waterproof socks.  So this winter keep your feet dry and comfortable with Dexshell waterproof cycling socks from The Dogs Wheels Bike Shop Plymouth.  With a very competitive RRP of £20 compared to other brands they will also not break the bank. socks

Thursday, 1 March 2018

Renthal Fatbar Version 2 Handlebars in Black at The Dogs Wheels Bike Shop

Check out Renthal's new black handlebars at The Dogs Wheels Bicycle Shop Plymouth. The Fatbar Lite handlebars have been lengthened to 760mm from 740mm with a 31.8mm clamp area. Renthal are also doing a new fatbar lengthened from 780mm to 800mm, and continue with the 800mm x 35mm clamp diameter area but also in black. So for all your Renthal Mountain Bike MTB Handlbars in either original Gold or the New Black visit The Dogs wheels Bicycle Shop or on our website handlebars

Thursday, 18 January 2018

XLC Pro Ride 40mm Mountain Bike MTB Stem

We have in store the XLC Proride Mountain Bike Stem in a short 40mm version with a 31.8mm handlebar clamp size.  Designed for a 1.1/8" fork steerer.  This nicely finished in black and white XLC Short mountain bike stem has an RRP of only £34.99.

XLC Pro Ride Short 40mm MTB Mountain Bike Stem at The Dogs Wheels Bicycle Shop Plymouth

XLC Press Fit Bottom Bracket installation Tool

The Dogs Wheels Bicycle Shop, Plymouth, have recently stocked the XLC Press Fit Bottom Bracket installation tool.

Compatible with Shimano type Mountain Bike MTB Bicycle pressfit bottom brackets

Available instore at £38.99

XLC PF Pressfit Bottom Bracket installation tool at The Dogs Wheels bicycle Shop Plymouth